10 Reasons To Buy A Tesla Model 3

First off, I would most likely be able to come up with more than 10, but I’m trying to keep it simple. I am going to exclude the EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) and self-driving capabilities because these features cost more to add. ($10,600 more, at that.) so I am keeping these mainly about the car itself.

Here are my person top 10 reasons to buy a Tesla Model 3:

  1. To start, now is a better time than ever to get into a Tesla Model 3 as the prices have dropped a pretty decent amount. The entry level rear-wheel drive standard range version is currently $47,600 which is still a great price considering many other ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles in the similar class. Though, I would recommend standard range plus for only $2,700 more – you get partial premium interior, longer range, higher top speed and overall faster acceleration. For a luxury car with as many cool bells and whistles as this one – you definitely get a bang for your buck.
  2. No keys! If you’re like me and you absolutely hate carrying a lanyard / massive set of keys around with you, then this car is for you. Not only does this car not use any keys what so ever – it also isn’t a push start either and actually uses a Tesla keycard to gain access / operate your vehicle – as well as your smartphone. Soon I’ll be upgrading my front door house lock to a key entry so that I won’t have to dig my keys out of my purse again for ultimate freedom.
  3. Audio – Now, this is more so aimed towards those who opted to get the premium interior (found in the long-range rear wheel drive or AWD versions) that boast 15 speakers with completely immersive sound. The sound is crisp, the bass is rich but not overbearing. There’s no chattering like you often get in some car audio systems. The Tesla Model 3 has 15 speakers that are located throughout the cabin and the trunk to allow for completely immersive audio experience. This car has all the full range, tweeters, woofers and subwoofers you could possibly need and more. It’s honestly one of those things you will just have to experience for yourself.
  4. The Tesla model 3 has received a top-notch 5/5 in all categories including subcategories with the NHTSA. What does that mean for you? that means you are offered that extra protection and peace of mind when driving your Tesla M3 because of the reinforced cabin space that has an incredibly strong aluminium and steel frame with an all reinforced glass roof. (This car can withstand the weight of 2 adult African elephants. …y’know, if African elephants ever decide to storm these Canadian streets, you know you’re squish-proof. ..unless a 3rd elephant joins in… then maybe you’re just S.O.L) The Tesla M3 also has what they call a crumple-zone, which is essentially the front and rear of the vehicle that is designed to absorb the shock of the impact to further protect you. The battery is also located centrally underneath the cabin, so you don’t have to worry about all of those mechanical parts found in ICE vehicles being impacted and causing potentially further issues upon impact. The fact that the battery is located centrally in the vehicle also holds a vantage point in preventing roll-overs. You know in some larger sedans / trucks / SUV’s those warning stickers posted on the visors that warn against abrupt maneuvering / taking corners too sharply in case of rollovers? Well, the Tesla M3 has perfectly balanced weight which makes it an incredible car to drive, handling wise. It can take corners closely, handle abrupt movements and take winding roads and curves at higher speeds. In fact, I’m pretty sure they even had to use a forklift to show example of Tesla rolling over… the thing is basically a tank. So yeah, it’s a pretty safe car to drive.
  5. Added safety, security – Obviously being an EV, this car relies solely on technology – which has a huge advantage when it comes to overall security and quite frankly, I’m confused why most vehicle manufacturers aren’t catching up to Tesla with these points. This month, Tesla just released an update that has something called Sentry mode. What this mode does, is it essentially utilized the sensors and 8 cameras (3 are internal) to monitor any action / questionable movement around your car to send alerts to them, to warn them they are ‘too close’, and also to alert you. If someone leans on your car, it will send a warning and then sound the alarm – if someone keeps leaning or if they break a window / forcefully try to enter your vehicle, it will sound the alarm, display a warning on the front 15″ monitor, even play music loudly to deter criminal activity and most importantly – alert you that there is an issue occurring at your car. It’s important to plug in a USB drive, as it will actually record the activity up to 10 minutes before it even happens – which is ultra hella handy when you get alerts to your phone but are unable to get to its location – you simply unplug the USB, view the video and submit it to authorities if need be. The camera quality is also pretty clear, so it should get a clear snap of whatever idiot attempts to break into your vehicle. Another bonus? Tesla’s always get updates for free, so I can foresee even more security updates being provided over the next few months / years.
  6. Simplicity! God, how I love how minimalist the interior design of the Tesla Model 3 is. Now, this may not be for everyone – there are some people who love the feeling over an overly crowded, cozy interior with ample buttons and knobs available. The M3? Nadda. You have window buttons on your door, and your button to open the door – other than that? absolutely nothing. There is no instrument panel above your steering wheel, no volume or HVAC control knobs, no unsightly vents, just pure, seamless simplicity. Oh, and the 15″ touch screen that contains literally everything you could possibly need and more. So if you’re not someone who would feel content with a fairly empty interior and have everything centrally located on a center touchscreen, then maybe this car wouldn’t be for you. To everyone else, you would absolutely appreciate the simple yet comfortable, clean and efficient interior layout. The wood panel that runs straight across the dashboard also adds this sense of luxury and warmth in the car as well (if you aren’t a fan of the wood panel, you can always wrap it as well.) As someone who hates change, I can confidently say that it really doesn’t take long to get used to the many, many changes that Tesla has thrown into the automobile game.
  7. Never having to pump gas ever again (unless you’re like me and own a secondary vehicle that happens to be an ICE.) How many of you hate seeing that worrisome and annoying little gas light pop up on your dash? wondering how far you can push it before you just carelessly break down in the middle of the road or on the highway because you either don’t want to pay the insane gas prices, or can’t be bothered to stand at a gas station for 10 minutes? Not to mention all of the germs associating to said gas stations.. *shudder* Call me a girly-girl if you wan’t, but I definitely hate pumping my own gas especially during thunderstorms and snowy weather – also in the summer when the pumps are infested with spiders! no thank you. That is why an EV is perfect for me, I can avoid all of that all while having optimum range daily since my car will be charged and ready to go every day without the need to worry. A lot of non-EV drivers try to slam them by saying “Yeah well, have fun waiting an hour or 2 to charge your car on roadtrips.” Well, for one – there are Superchargers located in almost every city / large mall / large shopping center. You can get a sufficient enough charge from 30-45 minutes at a Supercharging so you can happily carry on your way, recharged, on your roadtrip. That, and I personally only go on maybe 4-5 road trips per year where I would even need to hit a supercharger along the way. (You charge your EV’s mainly from home.) Let’s say I spend 45 minutes at a charger each time I go on my trip – that’s about $50 a year in charges, and that’s 3.5 hours total spent waiting for my car to charge (but since the chargers are located at rest stops / shopping centers, it’s a good place for me to have a meal and do some shopping so really…) and if I am spending say 8 minutes at a gas station, and I am filling up every 5 days or so (with the amount of city driving I do, I tend to spend $45.00 every 5-6 days with my Veloster, and spend $50 every 4 days or so with my SUV. ) So if it’s 7 minutes per fill up, that’s 5 extra hours and $3,200-ish I’m saving by not pumping gas.
  8. Lack of maintenance – This one is also another personal fav. of mine. I have had a terrible track record of keeping track of oil changes and transmission fluid and blah blah. I’ve had batteries, belts, oxygen sensors, spark plugs, exhaust pipes, flex lines, shifters and transmission components, so on and so forth replaced. I’ve had various recalls on cars I’ve owned, faulty parts and random repairs.. you name it. The Tesla Model 3 basically reduced moving parts from 200+, to only 17 in the drive-train. The only maintenance your Tesla would need would be break fluid at 2 years and battery coolant every 4 years. Majority of other issues can be corrected with a simple software update or computer reset – that’s it.
  9. Ease of access right at your fingertips – You can control so many settings right from your smart phone, like locking and unlocking your Tesla no matter how away you are from it, checking it’s battery health and charge info, as well as setting the internal temperature before you even leave the house! This is definitely beneficial during the cold winter months – you can turn up the heat in your car and turn on the seat warmers so that your battery is nice and warmed up for the day (which allows better range) and also who doesn’t like getting into a nice, warm car with toasty bum warmers on a cold chilly morning? and on the flip side – Imagine it’s a scorcher of a day, 35 degrees Celsius with humidity. Most cars especially those with black leather interiors would be a skin-melting nightmare to get into – but with the ability to turn on the AC and set the car to be an optimal temperature well before you even get in? unquestionably awesome. No more turning on the car and waiting for it to warm up or waiting for that sweet sweet AC relief.
  10. I definitely saved the best for last – but speed. The Tesla Model 3 is absolutely a fast car – Elon Musk even makes it a point to say that Tesla’s are meant to be very powerful, fast cars. They put so much care into every tiny detail of the body and overall performance of the vehicle. The curves, edges, lack of grill, shape of every exterior component, aero wheels, flush door handles.. they’re all aspects of the vehicle that make it the most aerodynamic that it possibly could be. Even the most inexpensive standard Tesla Model 3 can reach a whopping 100kms in just 5.9 seconds. If you want ultra speed, the Performance is where it’s at – I can assure you that the rush of shooting 100kms in a mere 3.4 seconds is literally breath taking, it feels as though you are shooting down a roller coaster and I can assure you that sensation will never get old. The version I purchased is a step down from Performance model (god I wish I had that extra $11,800 to sink in, or else I would have) I have the Long-range AWD – which realistically isn’t too far off from the Performance model – they are almost identical, except for the fact that the Dual-Motor AWD version reaches 100km at 1 second longer than perfomance, can only reach 233 max speed opposed to Performances 250 max, doesn’t have the 19″ performance wheels and it doesn’t have the calipers or upgraded suspension to handle performances demands. To me, that wasn’t worth the extra $12k. Whatever trim you go with, you will not be disappointed with how quick these mini electric tanks are. You will find accelerating to be effortless, merging onto highways and overtaking slower cars to be seamless and you will thoroughly enjoy being behind the wheel of this ride. In fact, they even launched Track Mode – which is fairly self explanatory.
  11. I know I said only 10, but this one is a great perk- standard ICE cars tend to drop 45% depreciation as soon as they’re driven off the lot. From my calculations and from what I have heard from other Tesla owners – the depreciation sits around 16% or so. So not only is this car fun, reliable, safe and leaves no carbon foot print – but it also retains it’s value more than most vehicles on the market.

I hope these points helped you or maybe even encouraged you to look into the Tesla Model 3. I’m newer into my Electric Vehicle adventure, but so far it has been delightful. There’s a bit of a learning curve and a lot of debunking common misconceptions, but honestly? I don’t think I will ever look back.

If you’re interested in anything Tesla / EV related, be sure to follow my blogs – I will be posting more of these and more information including tips, software updates, pros, cons, etc.