Hello to those who chose to visit my site (I’m sorry) to read whatever it is I have to say. (as if I don’t talk enough as it is in person.)

Keeping it simple – over the years I have dedicated my life to shaping my life into what I want it to be, and after sharing my story and advice with many, MANY people – I decided to just put my thoughts out there in one place for you, the viewers, to take as you will.  I know, I know, you already can tell the majority of these blogs will probably be… *barf* motivational… and you’re right! …sort of. 

                        To those who did more than just skim over the first part, I’m glad you’re still here. I think this is a great opportunity for the both of us and I honestly feel if I can even help just ONE person with my blogs, then this entire thing is a success. A $10/month, literally written verbal-diarrhea success.

Now a little about me.

My name is Dana and I am basically 29. Which is 30, basically. I’m a gamer, avid nerd-merch collector, dog mom, car enthusiast, foodie, musician, all about the kawaii aesthetic, I took interior design, I’m handy AF, I like to edit videos, go on random adventures, use wit and sarcasm to take down foes and I…am just a weirdo.
I took a dive into a business venture and I own an all-female artist tattoo studio here in my city of Barrie. I’ve struggled with body image issues, mental health issues, experienced loss, traumatic experiences, extremely bad debt/credit, struggled with having no motivation, no ambitions, no obtainable goals, apathetic lifestyle, abusive relationships, instability with school & work, and so on. I was a textbook troubled child, if you haven’t noticed.  

I will share more in the next coming posts, perhaps if I can muster up the courage I will dig deeper into who Dana used to be, and how/why I came to be the way I am now. 

Until then, 

Smell y’all later. 


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